Utah Valley Parade of Homes

Every year the Utah Valley Home builders association puts on a Parade of Homes where they show off their building skills as well as showing off all the latest and greatest trends for that year. It is so fun to go and walk through these homes. My sister Nancy had an extra ticket and asked me if I would want to check out a few homes with her the other day. I of course said YES! I love interior design and love to see what the latest trends are, but I am not going to lie sometimes when I come home I have a look around my own house and feel a little let down because I can’t ever compete with those homes, But then I have to snap out of it, I have a great life, a decent home and I don’t “need” all those extras to be happy!! But shoot it would be fun! 😛

So we were able to see 5 houses that were all fairly close to where we live and all but one was over a million dollars. We noticed a theme in most of the houses, Greens, golds, white, and black along with natural woods seem to be the common theme along with the grays, which I was happy about, because my whole house is gray right now! LOL

I love all the different bedrooms, they all look so fresh and inviting!


Of course with million dollar homes you are going to have some over the top things like basketball courts, movie theaters, huge exercise rooms, pools with lovely outdoor living, play rooms, etc…I always wonder what it would be like to live in these places, I mean staying at a hotel to them would be like camping is to me! LOL!

One thing I was extremely jealous of was the bathrooms and closets, they were so pretty and huge!! I am loving all the tile work in these homes and the freestanding tubs are to die for!


here’s a few more pics.. notice the woodworking, the light fixtures, the flooring and all the fun details, So much thought and effort is put into these homes. really amazing!


If you are building a home or re-doing your existing home, I would highly recommend checking the Parade of Homes, it gives you so many style ideas! For someone Like me it is sometimes too much, because I love so much of it, I sit and daydream of ways to make my house different, and now I have all these images floating around my head… It could be dangerous… until I remember I need a new air conditioner and heater so ya, things aren’t changing around here anytime soon, except maybe my Power bill! LOL!




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