Foreo Luna Mini 2

There are some things you notice while on Facebook and Instagram that you totally ignore and then there are things that you keep seeing over and over that you finally give in because you wonder what the heck it even is! Well I have seen this odd-looking thing for months now and after ignoring it forever I finally clicked on it to see what it was all about. I found out that it was some sort of face cleaning device which forced me to read a little deeper because by just looking at it I did not get it at all!  After doing more research on it( mainly You Tube) I decided to give it a try, not because it looked like the next trendy thing,  No that wasnt it at all, it was mostly because I have been breaking out like a 14-year-old school boy and I can not figure out why or how to change it? I know hormone changes are playing a huge part, but after reading how bad face brushes are I started to think about it, I have been using a facial brush on my face for a few years now and at first I thought they were great, but lately I feel like it isn’t doing its job I started thinking that maybe they were making my face worse! I’m sure I am not changing the brush heads as often as I should, I mean who keeps track of how long it’s been on there? I try but time flies by sometimes and I’m like dang how long have I been using this? YIKES!   The more I read about how hard it is to keep the bristles clean and stuff on these facial brushes the more these Foreo cleaners made more sense. While they look kind of crazy and seem like a very strange concept, I thought why not, lets give this thing a try. I decided to try the Foreo Luna Mini 2 because let’s be honest it was a little cheaper and I wasn’t even sure If  I would really like it or not.  Well I have only used mine a couple of times and so far and I love it! I feel like I get a really good clean from it and I also think it feels amazing on my skin, there is 8 different speeds which to be honest I couldn’t tell a huge difference in them, in fact I didn’t think they were actually getting progressively higher until I started to push the lower settings button and yes I could tell they were progressively getting slower, but just not a huge difference. So I decided to use the lowest setting because I figure I needed a good starting point, no use starting at full tilt!  It feels so good on my face, I know I am only supposed to use it for 1 minute, but I could have used it for five! It felt like a mini message for my face!  My face feels like it is actually cleaner than it has felt in a long time which was nice. I will have to keep using it for a few months for me to know for sure if this thing really is all that it is cracked up to be, But for now I am giving it two huge thumbs up!!! Just the fact that all I have to do to clean it is give it a good rinse is good enough for me, oh and it dries so fast! I like the idea that no bacteria can grow on this and their are no more brush heads to buy ever! Such a better design for sure! Oh also I almost forgot, you only have to charge this every 5 or 6 months!  When I first saw that you had to charge it I was a bit bummed because I hate grabbing something that has to be charged and it is dead, but twice yearly charging… that I can do! As far as size goes I actually think a bigger size would have felt too big. I do have a small face so I am not sure if that’s why? but I like how small it is and I love the pink color! They come in other colors too but for me Pink was the only choice I mean look how cute!

I am just putting this out there, when it arrived Doug got all excited thinking I bought some sort of “toy” if you know what I mean, I had to break it to him if was for my face! LOL!!


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