Fall Break

Tyler had Fall Break last week and he was able to get work off and come home for 4 days! I was so excited, this has been the longest He’s ever been away from home, 2 whole months! It was a fast break but we were able to fit in a whole lot into those 4 days!  Of course Tyler’s Fall break landed on the same weekend as Doug and Josh’s annual Duck and Goose hunting trip so we got together Thursday night to have a little family time before they left. Dinner at Cubby’s and then a stroll through Cal-Ranch! Isn’t that what most families do?

Friday Morning Doug and Josh left to go hunting. The rest of us decided that we wanted to do something different from the usual dinner and movie, so I searched around and found an Escape house in Orem called Escapes In Time. We had a really good time, I have been to a couple of Escape rooms before with Doug but it was really fun to go with my boys and see how smart they are. This one was pretty hard but they did really good especially for their first time. I am pretty sure I was no help at all, but it was really fun and we did manage to escape with only seconds to spare!

Haden and Tyler brought their girlfriends so naturally I invited Becky my very first girlfriend ( we’ve been friends since I was 4 years old).

Friday evening we got a call that Grandpa Charlie (Doug’s Dad) was admitted to the hospital. He suffered a few mini strokes and found out he has congestive Heart Failure.  Saturday we went and spent some time with him. The boys love their grandpa so much, they both had plans Saturday but made sure we found time to go visit with him.

probably one of my favorite pictures is the one where Haden is feeding Charlie. He ordered soup and was struggling with eating it and Haden decided to help him, it just warmed my heart to see him be so sweet to his grandpa.

Sunday afternoon Doug and Josh made it home just in time to say goodbye to Tyler.

They were super tired and dirty from the hunt so they showered and back to the hospital we went.

Again seeing Josh with his grandpa just warmed my heart. I don’t know If Charlie knows this but these boys look up to him so much, He has been such a great example to them. Everyone who meets Charlie loves him. He is such a great guy. We don’t know how much longer Charlie will be with us so I was glad Tyler got to visit with him before he had to go back to school. This weekend was one of my favorites so far. Spending quality time with my family is what life is all about. I love my little family.  I wish every weekend could be Fall Break!


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