Zaycon Fresh


My sister Nancy turned me on to Zaycon Fresh Meat. I have never heard of it before, we were out shopping one day and she said she needed to go pick up her meat order, she had a 30 minute window in which she could pick it up. It sounded so secret and sneaky I had to know more about this. Apparently this company has been around for years, why I am just hearing about it, is beyond me?? They sell the meat in bulk and it is discounted 30%-50% cheaper than in stores. Again, Why haven’t I heard of this before?? It really would have come in handy with three teenage boys in the house!

I told my sister the next time she ordered to let me know, so I can try it out. We decided to order the roasts, ground turkey and bacon. Because my family is rapidly shrinking I asked if i could split the order with her because I don’t know what I was going to do with 40 pounds of ground turkey and  24 lbs of chuck roasts and 36 pounds of bacon! We each paid  around $135 If i can remember right , which i think is great for all that meat! The weird thing is that you have to order a month or so in advance ( and pay in advance too)  and pick it up at a certain place at a certain time on a certain day.  images
This past Saturday was the pick up of our roasts and turkey, (the bacon we pick up in another week or so). I was pretty impressed with how easy it is to pick up, you just pull up to the truck, tell them your order name and they load the meat up in your vehicle and you are done. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but it looks good and I was happy to see that each roast was individually packaged and flash frozen and the ground turkey also came pre-packaged into small 1 lb packages which is perfect for my little family!


If you have a big family this is a must, and if you don’t,  you can always get a couple of families to go in on it together, it saves so much money, and really who doesnt love a stocked freezer?? If you want to give Zaycon out and get your freezer full of awesome meat at a deep discount  Click here to sign up

If you sign up today and order today you can also get an additional 21% off!! Dont forget to use ZF813676  when you sign up or use the above link.

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Yep, I predict I will be searching for ways to cook with ground turkey in my near future! One can only eat so many taco’s and nacho’s! LOL!


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