My sister’s and sister in-laws try to get together at least once every couple of months or so to catch up with each other and do lunch. There is always the dreaded question…Where should we go? We decided to try the new Cubby’s in American Fork. Before we went I hurried up and checked them out on Yelp, and read about their amazing sweet potato fries and tri-tip sandwich. When we got there I was planning on checking out the menu more, but when we got to the line we got waved up to the front because the people in front of us where still deciding so I didn’t really have time to think and I just ordered the tri-tip sandwich and sweet potato fries. Well after we ordered and got to talking my sister tells me the story of how they came up with this idea for a restaurant…. ( below is taken from their website’s story)



“Cubby and Amanda were a couple with a slight problem: They were both enthusiastic foodies, but their ideas about what makes food great were not exactly in sync.For Cubby, big and hearty was the way to go. Happiness was a sandwich stuffed with seasoned Italian beef (a Chicago specialty he came to crave while growing up in the Windy City) or maybe a thick, juicy hamburger with an ample side of fries. Amanda, on the other hand, found herself in a food desert whenever they visited Cubby’s favorite spots. She dreamed of an eatery where Cubby could settle in with his favorites, while she munched on a fresh, tasty salad, loaded with organic, in-season vegetables. The perfect place, one where they could both enjoy delicious, affordable food in an inviting atmosphere, proved impossible to find.They did agree that people should be able to go out for a fine dining experience without breaking the bank. Eating out at a favorite restaurant should be affordable and never boring, and everyone should be able to experience high-quality, healthy food. So, instead of compromising and wishing for that magical place to appear, they took matters into their own hands.”


So apparently I am more like Cubby, I eat more like a man then I care to admit. While the rest of the girls ordered salads and chicken sandwiches I am the pig who ordered the man food! LOL But it was really good and the sweet potato fries where some of the best I’ve ever had! For a 6 inch tri tip sandwich and an order of fries, it came to around $12 which was a little more expensive than I would normally pay for lunch, but I would probably go back again and maybe try to be a girl and eat a salad?… Or not?


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