Mary Kay Charcoal Mask

Seems like everywhere you look there are people raving about Charcoal. Charcoal toothpaste, charcoal pills, charcoal face masks and peels. My good friend sells Mary Kay, I know what you are thinking, and No she is not one of those crazy Mary Kay sales ladies, just a down to earth leave you alone type of saleswoman. I am very grateful for that because over my 47 years on earth I have been hounded and pestered by more than one Mary Kay crazy person, they always bug me so much that I refuse to buy their products! I even had one stalk me at the mall one day! I actually like using their products,  I just don’t want to sell them, have multiple parties and go to girl-power pow wow meetings!  So I am so happy that one of my Besties sells it, no pressure at all. Whenever I make an order she will just sweetly tell me about their newest products, which I will usually end up trying because I love to try new things. This latest order she told me about the new Charcoal Clear-proof Mask.

I decided after our trip of eating like crap, not getting enough sleep, wearing heavy sunscreen and swimming in salt water and sweating all day,  skipping a few days of washing my face at night, I thought what better time to try this mask. At first I was a little bummed it wasn’t a peel off mask, I love that feeling of peeling those things off of my face. Becky (aka My Mary Kay bestie) told me that those peels are damaging to your skin, so that is why this wasn’t one of those. Of course it is, I only tend to like things that are bad for me! UGH!

So here is my before pic… This is so embarrassing, but here I am with no make-up on and crazy bed head hair. with all my wrinkles, zits and everything else on display,  i want to keep it real, so be nice…



Here I am with the Mask on my entire face, after I put it on I remembered that she told me that I probably only need it on my T-Zone areas… OOPS!

The mask got lighter in color as it dried and tighter feeling. I didn’t notice anything too crazy except on my chin, I have had either an active zit or a red  mark where my zit sits and festers for years, like probably 10-15 years in the same spot always. That same spot got really lighter than the rest of my face? strange right?


here’s a nasty close up of that area. It will be interesting to see if with continued use of this mask if  maybe I can get rid of this thing once and for all?!


Here’s the after pic, while I don’t really see any changes, my skin feels really soft and  I am excited to keep using this to see what happens to that pesky chin Zit!

If you want to try it or any other Mary Kay product Go to:

You can order online,  I promise you Becky wont bug you, unless you want to be bugged! She’s the best!


2 thoughts on “Mary Kay Charcoal Mask

    1. You are so nice! You should try it out, I used it again last night and it did the same thing to my chin zit and then after I washed it off i was able to actually pop it! I can never get anything out of that thing! whoo hoo!


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