Taffy Lei

So yesterday I shared my Kukui nut Lei I made and I thought that was hard work, nope, this one is WAY harder and I will probably never make again! Talk about a labor of love!!

I keep three jars of Candy on my counter in my kitchen and after a while after everyone picks out their favorites we are left with candy that nobody touches anymore, so I had this great idea to make a necklace out of these forgotten pieces of taffy…

I started out by tying the ends with curling ribbon, knotting each one and  continuously moving to the next one, then I did the same thing on the other side. once they were all tied on both ends I tied ribbons around the blank spaces in-between each piece of taffy. And there you have it…sounds easy right? I wasn’t sure I would even like this one, but after it was done, I think its growing on me:)


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