Girls Trips are Good for You!


So this past weekend I went on a girls trip with a couple of my good friends. We try to get together at least once a year and do a quick get away. Some of these ladies I don’t even get to see very much through out the year because we are all so busy with everyday life. But we all try real hard to make it a priority.

It has been two years since our last trip and let me tell you I could tell I was needing it. I can’t explain to you how important it is to take time off of your daily lives and take some time to bond with other girls. It seems extra important for me because I am the only girl in my house, and sometimes I just need to be around people who get me. I’m not saying my husband and my boys don’t get me, I’m just saying there are just some things men will never understand no matter how hard you try to explain it.

On our trip we got caught up on everyone’s lives, relaxed by the pool, watched a movie, went on a couple of walks, ate lots of yummy food, sat in the Jacuzzi, went to a Brian Regan concert, talked into the late hours, laughed until we cried and I think we pretty much solved all of life’s problems. What a blast!

I am so thankful for these ladies and each one of their friendships (and the ones who couldn’t make it this year). We are all different,  and going through different stages in our lives, but somehow when we all get together it just works. Although on this particular trip we did learn we all have some things in common too, like we all wear the same size shoes and only like cake donuts! Who knew??

After this weekend I feel like my batteries have been recharged. I am ready to be a good wife, mother and friend and ready to tackle whatever life has to throw at me again!



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