Stitch Fix #12

Wow I can’t believe this is my 12th fix! So crazy! and you know what is even crazier? I have had the same stylist the entire time! When I opened up this box I was pleasantly surprised that I liked what I was seeing right out of the box, that doesn’t happen for me usually so I wasn’t sure if that was a good sign or not.


In this fix I asked for a jumpsuit, maybe a cute summer dress and some tops. I told her it was going to be my anniversary this month so something fun to wear on a date night would be nice.

The first thing I tried on was the Eleanore Embroidered dress by Market & Spruce.  I could tell it would probably not be long enough for everyday wear which I am totally bummed about, but I figure if I like it I can take it on my next beach vacation as a cover up or something, it is just too cute to not keep. If only it was a few inches longer.



Next up was the Caroly Mixed Material Blouse by Papermoon. I love the animal print. This one is cute too but a tad short in the sleeves. I think I need to remind my stylist that I need sleeves and things to my knees. I know that probably is a hard request, because I struggle with that too when shopping for myself. These sleeves aren’t a bad length , but my arms aren’t in good shape either so that may be why I am not loving it, but other than that, i think this shirt is cute.


Next is a pair of Monica Suede Espadrille Wedges by Toms. I think I was the most excited about these. I love me a good wedge and these are so cute and not only that SUPER comfy, I will get a lot of use out of these, no brainer… keepers!!


Next up is the Bellamy Pleated Cropped Jumpsuit by Collective Concepts. This one I wasn’t too sure about. I don’t even think I would look twice at this at the store. First off it is a halter style which again, I could never wear without a tee shirt underneath, so I wasn’t sure if it would look weird with it or not. The other thing is the whole thing is pleated which I wasn’t sure I would like or not either. But once I tried it on, It kind of grew on me, One because it is so dang comfy and two because it is so different, I love to wear things not everyone has, so this one I was really digging, even though it makes my hips look super wide, I guess i do have some big hips so, It is what it is. I also love that the legs have a built in liner shorts, so no worries about it being see thru and added coverage of all my lumps and bumps… Bonus!



Last was the Allan Tie Sleeve High Low Blouse by West Kei. I loved the print right away and the sleeves, what is it about cute ties on sleeves? I don’t really own a shirt like this one so I was curious how it would look and it actually really like it! it’s like the front tuck without actually having to tuck! brilliant! I love that I can wear this now with shorts and also it will be a perfect top to transition into fall with and I am sure I can wear it throughout the winter months too.  I am Pretty happy about this top.


Overall it was a really good fix. I think I just need to send reminders every time that I need longer sleeves and dresses/skirts that hit my knee or below, I am sure it’s hard to know what length that is without actually having  my actual leg measurements, I pretty much am 1/3 body and 3/4 legs so that makes it even harder to find things long enough!

I am still deciding on what to keep. If I keep it all I get an additional 25% off! I am a sucker for getting a deal! LOL

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